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Medical enterprises and organizations
Medical Central Oxygen Supply
Large and Medium-size Medical Organizations
Oxygen generation system using air as raw materials is low-cost. The gas output employs an automatic processing of efficiency filter with removal, disinfection and other functions. LCD touch screen display technology realizes the oxygen flow, concentration and pressure online display which is easy for user to monitor. It is ideal oxygen equipments for modern medical enterprises which are able to carry out remote network monitoring and make unmanned and intelligent operation comes true. Facilitate remote fault diagnosis. Provide quick maintenance.
Integral oxygen System for Small-size Medical organizations
Integral oxygen system has the advantages of simple structure, low energy consumption, less covering, less maintenance, high efficiency. The gas output employs an automatic processing of efficiency filter with removal, disinfection and other functions to ensure the high quality oxygen goes directly into oxygen network or be pressed into cylinder without pollution, so as to meet the requirements of collective oxygen supply.
10L diffuse type oxygenerator
Centralized oxygen enrichment system of large buildings
Environmental oxygen enrichment system refers to input amount of oxygen in to a particular space that the air pressure in large space is almost constant, so that make oxygen volume fraction increased significantly (Oxygen volume fraction increases under the constant air pressure).
Diffuse Oxygen Enrichment System for small rooms
Diffuse oxygen enrichment system has applied for small space in plateau area, such as offices, bedrooms, gym, computer rooms and in crowed and air-dirty plain areas, such as tightly closed cars and trains, air-conditioned rooms, small underground shopping malls, single entertainment room etc.
15L diffuse type oxygenerator
25L diffuse type oxygenerator
Car oxygen enrichment system
Car oxygen enrichment system has based on molecular sieve oxygen generation system for oxygen supply source, supplied the oxygen concentration is more than 90% to meet the medical requirement, so that to increase the oxygen concentration and thus release the discomfort from hypoxia.
Oxygen Concentration Control System
Advanced and unique technology has been used in this system. Basing on the principle of different reaction speed and output current in different oxygen concentration, it can detect the oxygen concentration more precise in different environments.

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