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Personal portable oxygen generator
HT-B series of Portable oxygen generator
-----Free:High concentration of pure physical oxygen-making machine the first portable,Specially developed high function, At an altitude of 5000 meters ,At an altitude of 5000 metres ,Oxygen concentration could still reach 90%.
-----LightThe weight of only 3 kg,Shoulder portable,No matter where you can be convenient to carry.
-----The accompanyingBuilt-in lithium battery,can be used continuously for 4 hours or more. In the plateau of the travel is no longer because of oxygen by bond.
Product features:
Is used in the United States Thomas imported compressor,it can be used continuously for more than 15000 hours
The valve is composed of Belgian Norgren, especially development of production, Ensure the equipment running without fault
Using the French imports of high-end molecular sieve, to ensure oxygen concentration can reach the medical standard
With a vehicle function. convenient and practical
Provided with the oxygen concentration monitoring alarm function,and power failure alarm function
Has 4 stalls,In accordance with different oxygen deman
National patent technology
Product category and model

Product name:Protable Oxygenerator
Product model:HT-BD04G01(二代)
Product types:

Product name:Personal portable oxygen generator
Product model:HT-BD04G01
Product types: