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Household oxygenerator
HT-Gseries Oxygen generator
       -----  Quiet oxygen, low noise, Will not affect you and your family to rest, do not add any chemical preparation, by way of oxygen pure physics, through the molecular sieve to separate high purity oxygen in the air, more safe and convenient.
I、Areas of application:
II、The characteristics of the product:   
1、With timing function, easy to use
2、Single operation time display function,Total running time query function
3、A power failure alarm function,The working process of the power to remind users or caregiver
4、With suitable for plateau function,----- In high altitude area,due to poor natural conditions, the thin air, so for the equipment reliability requirements will be higher. In order to plateau, we developed this kind of models. It can be used normally at an altitude of 5000 meters in the plateau area, the concentration of oxygen can reach more than 90%. effectively ease the plateau response.
5、Provided with the oxygen concentration alarm function
6、The atomization function
7、The top is provided with a storage box ;( Reminder,:when the customer receives machine, please open the upper storage box, looking for spare parts)