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Centralized oxygen enrichment system of large buildings
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Environmental oxygen enrichment system refers to input amount of oxygen in to a particular space that the air pressure in large space is almost constant, so that make oxygen volume fraction increased significantly (Oxygen volume fraction increases under the constant air pressure).
Adopting high quality molecular sieve oxygen generation system as oxygen supply source;
Compact structure, scientific configuration combination, high production of oxygen;
Automatic control of start and stop, unmanned operation;
Stable running, low failure rate, electricity energy consumption only;
Oxygen concentration controller has been equipped in every oxygen enrichment spaces. It is adjustable for user to set oxygen concentration. Safe and considerable design has received unanimous praise of experts and clients.
4、Customer Groups
Our oxygen enrichment system has been widely applied in Guoluo Power Supply Company of Qinghai, Guoluo Copper & Miners Company of Qinghai, Guoluo NPC, Guoluo State Committee, Lhasa Municipal Government, Lhasa Municipal Administration Office, Qinghai-Tibet Armed Police Hydropower and so on more than 100 large and medium-size enterprises and public institutions.