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Oxy-fuel combustion system
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Cooperating with Tianbang National Engineering Research Center of Membrane Technology company which is authorized by CAS, our company has specialized in developing and applying membrane oxygen generation. Membrane oxygen enrichment has increased the ratio of oxygen in air to make combustion sufficient.
Reduce heat loss, promote combustion sufficient, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce the amount of smokes;
Simple process, small size, low energy consumption, easy to operate, more safe and flexible;
Long life and maintenance-free, less investment for small or medium scale.
2、Application field:
All kinds of combustion for coals, gas and oil boiler, glass furnace, china furnace, parts of cement kiln and oxygen enrichment of gas furnace. It also can be applied in other oxygen use places like chemical production and biological aquaculture.
3、Process layout

4、Comparison charts for typical cases