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High purity nitrogen protection system
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This system has adopted membrane air separation nitrogen generator as gas source. According to different permeability of hollow fiber membrane in polymers for nitrogen, oxygen and other gas to separate nitrogen from air. Nitrogen has been sent through pipeline to the place needed to protect the environment.
2、Technical Parameters
Optimum product purity: 95%-98%, up to 99.9%
Pressure: 0.3Mpa-2.1Mpa, optimum pressure: 0.7-1.1 Mpa
Temperature: 10-80℃, optimum temperature: 25-50℃
Storage temperature: -50℃-120℃
Compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable;
Easy to control centralized, high automation;
Easy to use and maintenance;
Long life;
No environmental pollution.
4、Application cases and fields
In the field of national grain storage of food preservation project, high purity nitrogen is provided to fully protect the grain. The nitrogen protection system has recognized and praised by clients.
Chemical, petroleum, electronics, heat treatment, powder metallurgy, food, tires, rubber, new materials, military, ports transportation and so on.