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diffuse type oxygenerator
HT-G/MS series of Mobile Car oxygen concentrators
      ---- Ultra quiet internal and external design,the concentration of oxygen can control and adjust, Allow your home to enjoy the most economical oxygen "SPA"。Try to think, When you finish high intensity work every day,dragging a weary body home, You can enjoy an oxygen "SPA",That is something very pleasant and comfortable;and try to imagine, When the old parents and young children came to the plateau together. In an oxygen rich environment to enjoy family happiness ,This is the the plateau people dream things.
1、Areas of application
It can raise half sealed space to improve indoor hypoxia environment, (For example,bedroom,office and other),Suitable for use in family, Nursing home,School,hotel,Bar,Intenet cafe,Oxygen bar, Office building,Office and the Highland depot and so on.
2、The characteristics of the product
{Convenient}Through the operating equipment remotely like the operation of household air conditioner,easy simple.
Health}Increasing the oxygen concentration of the indoor environment, Mitigate hypoxia and Physical health.
Comfortable}No need to wear a variety of respiratory mask or breathing nozzle,Lifting of all kinds of traditional oxygen.
Fresh}Adsorption air trace CO2, CO, H2S and other harmful gases, To clean up the air.
Energy-saving}Oxygen use and low cost.
Product category and model

Product name:35L diffuse type oxygenerator
Product model:HT - MS35LN
Product types:

Product name:10L diffuse type oxygenerator
Product model:HT-GS10LM
Product types:

Product name:15L diffuse type oxygenerator
Product model:HT-MS15LM
Product types:

Product name:25L diffuse type oxygenerator
Product model:HT-MS25LM
Product types: