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1、Guidance professor

Tian-yi Wu, Academy of Sciences. Environmental Medicine (High Altitude Medicine) experts, China's only high altitude medicine academicians. Current Qinghai Plateau Institute of Medical Research Fellow, Ministry of Health study of altitude sickness, director of Key Laboratory of Ministry of Science and Technology plateau Key Laboratory of Medical Research Director of the International. Plateau Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has long been engaged in medical research. To open up the "Tibetan Adaptation Physiology" study put forward the body to adapt to high altitude hypoxia on the level of reliance on organ function and cellular levels to adapt to two ways to adapt the Organization to the argument. And from the whole organ, a number of cellular and molecular level, proved to have the most perfect Tibetan oxygen delivery system and the most effective use of oxygen systems, to adapt to hypoxia of human biology to establish an ideal model of international attention. The first time in the organization of international academic Animaqing Mountain climbers, alpine access to a large number of physiological information, the international awards. Occurred in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau on the various types of acute and chronic mountain sickness from the epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical study made a more systematic study. First of all, in the international community confirmed the existence of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Monge disease. Proposed diagnostic criteria for chronic mountain sickness be quantified ISMM accepted as international standards. Made in line with the actual situation of China's high altitude mountain sickness prevention and control measures, and achieved good results. The main papers published in the High Alt.Med. & Biol.J.Appl, Physiol magazine. Editor-in-chief and take part in the High Altitude Medicine for five monographs.

During the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Qinghai-Tibet railway construction as the medical and health protection team leader, with particular attention to high altitude oxygen supply technology and applications for the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway altitude sickness 150,000 people and made outstanding contributions to zero death. Yong-xing Ji, Major-General, the Air Force Institute of aviation equipment, and equipment, deputy director of the Institute, the Air Force experts. Since 1996, the production of the expert group of national security experts; so far in 2004, China Fire Protection Association professional fire-fighting and rescue members of the Committee.

2、The main research and development experts

Ying-Shu Liu, Director of the Institute, Professor and PhD supervisor, post-doctoral, national experts who have made outstanding contributions. August 1960 was born in Xinhua County, Hunan. China University of Mining and a few mechanical system of forces professional Bachelor of Science, Beijing Institute of Technology Engineering aircraft missile launchers Engineering Master of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology Engineering thermal Doctor of Engineering, Beijing University of Science and Technology postdoctoral metallurgy. Work, he was in Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Department of Metallurgical assistant, lecturer, associate professor; the State Planning Commission, Defense Research and Development Center to mobilize the Third Research Office, a researcher. The current Beijing University of Science and Technology Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, new energy and environmental research responsibilities, Professor and PhD supervisor, project director of the Institute of Gas Separation. Speaker for the Graduate School of gas separation technology, industrial ecology, the phenomenon of momentum heat mass transfer and so on.

Research involving oxygen-enriched blast furnace pulverized coal injection, and application of gas separation and other fields. Hosted and participated in major national scientific and technological issues, the provincial and ministerial level issues, new technology development more than 40. Papers published more than 90 articles, 15 of which were "EI" included. The publication of a monograph. 15 national patents. The main incentives are: coal system in 2003 the top ten scientific and technological achievements, the Ministry of Education in 2003 scientific and technological progress second prize one (No. 1 to complete), the railway in 2003 the second prize of Science and Technology 1 (No. 2 completed), the fourteenth session in 2003 the National Invention Exhibition Silver 1 (No. 1 to complete), and in 2003 China Railway Construction Corporation, the second prize of scientific and technological progress (3 completed), the "2002 China top ten scientific and technological progress of colleges and universities" 1 (No. 1 to complete), and in 2002 China Railway Construction Corporation, the first prize of scientific and technological progress (completion of Section 2), and in 1998 the State scientific and technological progress a third prize (a subject who completed their first 5 people) 1997, the Department of Metallurgical one first prize of scientific and technological progress (a subject who completed their section 5), and in 1993, "the Beijing Youth Science and Technology Exposition" first one (No. 3 were completed); 1993 National "Challenge Cup "Grand Prix a third (independent), the 1992" University scientific research, "a second prize (the completion of an independent person); and Beijing University of Science and Technology Award for outstanding contributions, Baosteel, IET, Jianlong Teacher Award Scholarships incentives such as a number.

Jun-Xiao Feng, a professor, the PhD. 1960 students in 1982 graduated from the Beijing University of Science and Technology, engaged in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection research and new technology, the gas preparation and analysis, to assume a number of national key science and technology and state-level key projects of new technology to reach the level of international or national leader and the results identified through the National 5, 6 national patents have been granted the national and the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award 3, at home and abroad have a greater impact on the academic journal articles published more than 40 papers. Teaching areas: the speaker has "Engineering Thermodynamics", "Principles of thermal industrial furnace" and 10 graduate students and undergraduate degree courses and courses important, the effect of outstanding teaching. Presided over the Baosteel Group, Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Jinan Iron and Steel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel and so on dozens of joint ventures in energy balance testing, as the main researchers, participated in the medical PSA oxygen generator, air-conditioning oxygen machine, oxygen generator car machine, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Tunnel Fenghuoshan a number of research projects, such as oxygen oxygen research.

Qing-wen Hou, associate professor, Dr.. Control of pressure swing adsorption technology to engage in research and development work. Assume a number of medical health care oxygen generator, air-conditioning oxygen machine, oxygen generator car, high altitude oxygen generator, oxygen generator from time to time, remote control oxygen machine, oxygen plateau Fenghuoshan tunnel projects such as oxygen supply system control and ultrasound measurements, laser Doppler velocity measurement, such as research projects. Access to the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards three, two were national patent, more than 10 articles published papers.

Wen-Hai Liu, male, senior engineer. Was born in 1964, and now Beijing University of Science and Technology School of Mechanical Engineering Research Institute engaged in gas separation gas separation studies. Huakang former high-tech Technology Co., Ltd Manager, Beijing North Vehicle factory director general, was the second prize winner in both the provincial and ministerial level, Plant Class 15.

Cao Yong-zheng, male, doctor’s degree, born on January, 1976. He studied Bose-Einstein condensation in Hunan Normal University(2003.6—2006.9), and gained master’s degree in September, 2006. In September 2006, he went to University of Science and Technology Beijing for doctor’s degree of Engineering. His research interests lied in the cycle characteristics of air separation to produce oxygen as well oxygen dispersion characteristics at different air pressures. He acted as the head of portable oxygen concentrator research group and participated in the research on oxygen concentration system used on a certain type of fighter aircraft, where he played a leading role in designing the PSA cycle. He started his career in Jiangsu Oxtek Air Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd in 2009 and was appointed as Vice President and Chief Engineer on 1st December, 2009. He conducted systematic researches on oxygen supply in hospitals and oxygen enrichment in high altitude. Based on his research results, he was in charge of world’s largest PSA oxygen enrichment project (Qinhai Guo Luo Electric Power Company) and China’s largest PSA medical oxygen supply project ( Hubei Xiehe Hospital).So far, he has had 11 papers published in both international and domestic prestigious journals, of which 2 published in SCI and 3 in EI. He has obtained 6 patents and 5 of them are invention patents.

De-xin Zhang, Senior Engineer. Male, born in 1948. Work in 1966 engaged in the development of high-tech valves. Began working in the late 80's PSA new technology research, won two individual patents, the success of the development of nitrogen machine (at the time "People's Daily" reports) and field-specific nitrogen device (at the time the largest). 2000 study of micro-pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator. The development of a variety of small oxygen generator. PSA Design a variety of special valves.

Kai Le, Associate Professor, Ph.D.. Health in 1970, engaged in PSA control and testing technology research and development. Assume a number of thermophysical properties of the test subjects, fluid flow and heat transfer numerical simulation, as well as medical health care oxygen generator, air-conditioning oxygen generator, oxygen generator car, high altitude oxygen generator, oxygen generator from time to time, remote control oxygen plateau Fenghuoshan tunnel projects such as oxygen supply system of the control technology research. Access to the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards three, four national patents have been issued more than 30 papers.

Hui Zhang, Ph.D., of Health in 1976, Hebei Xinji people. 2000 graduate of Northeastern University School of Materials and Metallurgy, was a master's degree in Engineering, graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003, was a Doctorate of Science. Are engaged in the preparation and application of gas separation, environmental protection, resource development and research. Focused on micro-oxygen, home oxygen generator, oxygen-rich buildings, aerobic plateau, airborne oxygen, methane purification, gas purification, etc. The theoretical analysis and experimental research.

Zhi-wen Wu, Ph.D., 1978, Shanxi Datong people. 2001, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology thermal power engineering profession, the same year, sent to the Harbin Institute of Technology and Power Machinery Engineering, Graduate students, graduated in March 2007. While studying at the school to take part in the identity of the main ministries involved in national research projects 4, 17 papers, of which four were SCI Indexed, EI Indexed 1, ISTP included one; in June 2007 to the Beijing University of Science and Technology Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering Institute to teach.

Hong-she Cui, Dr. 1970 students engaged in study of gas separation pressure swing adsorption, pressure swing adsorption system to assume a high concentration of oxygen, micro-pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator, oxygen, such as high-altitude research. Access to provincial and ministerial level awards more than 4, 5 patents, 12 papers.